yachts, please use form and email to us for further info
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Welcome !

Farm located on Nelson Rd, Mt Pleasant
New Providence,The

Contact us today! (242) 676-5938

Country Store relocated to The Captain's Table, Lyford Cay marina

Yacht Provisioning Available only, Email us at

spread sheet below, email us and we can answer any questions

store phone 242-676-5938

ian cell 561-373-8284/242-359-7143

Retail store shoppers Lyford Cay marina, call 676-5938 and we will let Lyford Security know you are coming to shop!

Retail outlet in Lyford Cay Marina
Our store in the SE corner of the Lyford Cay marina, below the Dockmasters off ice has been serving the public since 2016.
We carry the same great products we had at the farm, and many more... soup to nuts you could say. Open to the public, the only catch is you must call,676-5938 when on your way and we email your name to the security gate so they will grant access.

Lyford Marina store hours
5 days a week 
tuesday through saturday
sunday-monday 8am-5pm

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western end of New Providence Island